Thursday, April 23, 2015


This is the album artwork for Dave Menzo's newest album Shhh...
It's an interesting project, it's created entirely with instruments checked out from the Ann Arbor Public Library. They have a substantial electronic instrument section that he frequented to make the album. I started with the illustration of the face, hand drawing, scanning and digitally finishing it. I worked up the "Shhh..." text the same way. A few pages of S's and a few more of h's whittled down to the best ones. The velvet and fur backgrounds were really fun to work with as well. They lend a distinct vibe to the whole thing. 

I've got a few digital projects in the works and I'm enjoying this process being a blend of hand drawing and finishing in PS. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lady portrait

This is a portrait of the lady. It's on the smaller side, 8x8. I wanted to try loosening up a bit. I kept the face mostly tightened up to a higher level of detail but let the background be looser and unfinished. I also wanted to try sticking a little bit of color in like the dark blue in the hair.