Monday, December 1, 2014

Shelter Cove

This is a painting of the sunset I stumbled upon on the drive down into Shelter Cove, CA. While heading in to a hotel there for the night the winding road down down down through the hills and cliffs popped out for a second on this. It looked like a sea of clouds lit up reddish and orange right at sunset. It was breathtaking. The real challenge was getting the corona of color around the sun, how it washes out color and obscures detail in that area was something I hadn't tried to this degree before. In person it wasn't quire this strong and in the photographs it was much stronger. I went with something right in the middle. The other part that I enjoyed especially was the sky, the indeterminate area where it's not reddish and it's not blue took a lot more subtlety than I expected. The area to the right with the gradation of blues as they recede in distance was also a fun challenge. 

The original is for sale on Etsy!

Prints are available through Society 6

Here are a few progress shots, taken with a phone unfortunately, while I'm in the middle of a painting I have a hard time making myself stop and get up to go get a real camera. Maybe on one of these next ones I'll set it up ahead of time and get better progress documentation. 

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